Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Paper Training for your Puppy

Paper training is when you train your puppy to eliminate on paper inside of your floor.

The paper training method works best if you are not going to be at home for long periods of time, a puppy cannot be asked to hold her bladder for more than 3 hours. Because of this,paper training might be your best choice.

Keep in mind that paper training is not house training and can actually make it take longer to teach your puppy to eliminate outside.

Situations Where The Necessary Training

If you cannot go out because they did not receive injections, you will need to paper train him until he has had his injections and cannot get out.

How Do I Paper Train My Dog?
For a paper train puppy to do the following.

1. Choose a room and bathroom, where it will be easy to clean up any mess he makes on the floor. Bathrooms are often a good option. The front door is a good option too, because it means that once your dog is ready to go out, it would be easier for her to achieve

transition to the outside toilet

2. Confine your puppy in the selected room and give the card down, which covers about one quarter of the room. This paper is thick enough to hold about ½ cup of liquid air inside floor.You should put plastic down to protect the floor under the paper.

3. Spend time with your puppy in the room.

Look for signs that your puppy must be removed. These could include, for example, sniffing the floor or walking on a circle. When you see these signs, bring the newspaper puppy. It should also lead the newspaper puppy after meals and play.

4. When you have the puppy in the newspaper that say delete. You can use any language they feel comfortable, "go potty" or "go pee pee" are two phrases. First, your puppy does not know what you say, ultimately, be able to make an association between words and what he does.

5 When you remove the puppy, be sure to praise him. This control over what you are trying to convince him to do. Puppies want to please you.

6 When cleaning, remove the leaves of the first year of paper. Do not remove all the paper is important because the puppy will want to eliminate the smell of his own excrement and


Does Paper Training Work?
Paper-training takes time and patience, but worth the effort.

To do this effectively the method for forming the paper all you need to have much time to spend with your puppy or dog.

After your dog relieve his praises and caresses him verbally, which is where they will go. You only need to repeat this process over and over again.

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