Tuesday, 23 August 2011

How Can I Stop Unwanted Chewing?

It is very important to be very firm when you do not want your dog chewing on something.
If you walk into a room and a wonderful catch your dog chewing your shoes or a favorite dog

Immediately start to command: "No, no, no!" And take off in an angry looking face.

If you do not pay attention to you, your leg  SLAP!

If this does not help, get close to their face and repeat, but do not

If your dog bites or PIN

Then you get the desired item to chew and say "chew! Chew" In a nice
but firm tone, give your dog chew the item.

If you have a dog or puppy that growls and bites when you try to take an object, use it as a favorite toy pull it out and use it to chew on the target.

You need to do several times, until finally the dog understands that they are chew toys
about and what should not be chewed.
For your dog, almost all toys. Therefore, you need to teach what is a dog toy and what is human toys.

Chewing is not an easy thing to stop. But if every time you use up when you find your dog chewing something undesirable ... repetition and Appreciation to chew the right destination for him to teach
chew properly!

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