Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dog Training Basics

To be developed dog trainer. We must obey four principles:
1 Love
2 Precisely executed technique
3 Determination
4 Correlation between the fourth correction until the desired behavior is achieved.

To be effective with something, you must use a system correctly repeat with determination until your dog broke out of his bad habits and gave a new one.
There will be mistakes along the way and nothing is perfect but the mistakes you make only for the formation of a better dog owner.

Some common "dog owner new errors to avoid:

1. Assuming your dog simply "grow" to misconduct
A dog will be trained and wants to live comfortably at home. This is the best possible when he knows the rules of the house. So from the start, taking the time to teach your dog What is and is not acceptable behavior at home.

2.Do not hit your dog training method.
This will only make a dog aggressive, or Wetter at least one subject. Instead, focus on the strengthening of good conduct with awards.

3. Never Defend your role in Alpha "punish" your dog when you call.
When you call your dog, that associate it with something nice. Use a happy voice, touch, and tell him what a good dog he is. Let the good things associated with their call and it will come to you every time. This will allow you to build confidence and learn to make things unpleasant (for him) as trimming nails.

Your puppy wants to please you anyway they can, but do not forget that they are very young and bored very quickly. When training your puppy to ensure that you do in small relay that will ensure that you and your pet maximum benefits from training.

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