Sunday, 21 August 2011

Basic Overview Of Dog Training

It is your duty to train your puppy and teach appropriate behavior. Here are some tips to prepare your puppy to a happy obedient to adulthood.


Crate Training

Provides a box for your dog gives them a closed room where the dogs naturally love. They feel safe in the closet. You should start crate training as soon as you bring your puppy home. Start by placing in the crate while you remain in the room. You do not learn to fear from the box.

Then leave the room for a short time while the puppy is still in the box. This way, you can hear if your puppy has an emergency, but you allow him to get used to being alone in the box.

Leave the puppy alone in the cage for periods of time more and more. If you want the dog to sleep there, begins to emerge from the first night. Finally, learn to love their own space and you can even seek refuge in time.

Above all, never use a box as a punishment. It should be a safe place that your puppy wants to visit.

Potty training

When purchasing a puppy, take (or wherever you want to go to the bathroom) about once per hour. This will prevent accidents and to start teaching the proper place to use the bathroom.

Validation is the most important part of potty training. Initially, when the dog uses the bathroom outside, you should throw a party every time. So, he knows he has done something good.

On the other hand, when you go inside, to not like something. Rubbing his nose in his urine, or find something as punishment. He will learn that you do not want him to go home.


Like potty training, capacity is an important part of obedience training. It is helpful to buy small pleasures of giving a puppy when he does what you ask.

Try to have daily training sessions, no more than five or ten minutes. They say some basic commands like "sit" or "low", while pushing his body into the correct position. If you give a gift, they quickly pick up what to do.

Remember that your dog does not understand the words. I could understand the words so often repeated, but especially to your answer. Use a forceful tone, and if not what you want, a blow to the nose a little.

Your puppy will make you happy. Through a series of training sessions and reinforcements, eventually learn to do what you want.

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